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For a 32-bit program, use DOS/4G.

Eliminate DOS's 640KB Memory Limit

The industry standard 16-bit DOS extender is Tenberry Software's DOS/16M.

A DOS extender is a program that provides your DOS program with almost unlimited main memory by running your program in Intel's protected mode. Your program can transparently access all of the memory in today's PCs.

Developers of 16-bit DOS programs can now solve the DOS 640KB memory limit problem: just relink with DOS/16M and address all the memory in the machine! The DOS/16M DOS extender is an industry standard: your biggest programs are guaranteed compatible, no matter where.

Break DOS's 640KB barrier --
Unleash Your 16-bit Programs!

You can develop and run BIG programs -- up to 256MB. The programs you build with DOS/16M can have up to 64 MB of code and data. With the optional virtual memory manager, they can be as large as 256 MB -- under DOS!

Your programs will use almost no DOS memory -- only 20KB. With DOS/16M, your program will occupy only 20 KB of low memory (5-8KB more on some configurations). That leaves almost all of DOS's 640 KB free for other programs, and means that your program will run in any configuration, no matter how many network drivers, TSRs, etc. your users have.

DLLs, TSRs, and device drivers -- with no memory limits. Develop high-performance, protected-mode executables, DLLs, TSRs, and device drivers without regard to the memory limitations of DOS. The DOS/16M architecture lets you control the hardware as easily and efficiently as you can in real mode. The API lets you take advantage of superior protected-mode interrupt and memory management. Ideal for both systems and applications.

Your programs have full access to all hardware. Your programs can issue any I/O instruction and have access to all of the machine -- the direct access that makes DOS programs so fast! (Only partially available in NT or OS/2 DOS boxes.)

Port your application in three hours (or less). Not only does DOS/16M support the compiler and libraries that you're using now, but it runs most real-mode programs without change. Porting may be as simple as relinking and binding in the protected-mode loader. And if your code doesn't run on the first try, give our development staff a call. We know how to get you up and running quickly.

Your application is compatible -- any DOS, any machine. DOS/16M is the most widely used DOS extender you can buy. Because so many popular programs -- Lotus 1-2-3, for example -- use it, all new hardware and systems software must be compatible with it. Develop your program with DOS/16M and you'll run on everything from 80286's to Pentiums, under Windows' and OS/2's "DOS boxes" or DR-DOS, with XMS, VCPI, or DPMI, and even on many Japanese non-AT-compatibles.

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