DOS/4GW Product Comparison Table

DOS/4GW 1.97 DOS/4GW 2.01 DOS/4GW Professional DOS/4G for Watcom
Purchase from WATCOM Update from Tenberry Tenberry Tenberry
Price (plus shipping) free with compiler $49 $299 $999
Documentation --
User's Guide
$49 $49 ($89 in bundle) Included Included
Documentation --
Programmer's Guide
Not available Not available Not available Included
Licensing/Royalties royalty-free royalty-free 10 copies bundled,
$500/250 add'l copies
100 copies bundled,
$500/250 add'l copies
Support: Email unofficial unofficial $500/year full support free for 30 days
Support: FAX/Phone WATCOM only unofficial $250/qtr please call
Compilers Supported Watcom C/C++
Watcom Fortran
Watcom C/C++
Watcom Fortran
Watcom C/C++
Watcom Fortran
Watcom C/C++
Watcom Fortran
GLU or 3rd party
D32 or 3rd party
Virtual Address Space 32 MB 32 MB 128 MB 4 GB
Physical Address Space 32 MB 32 MB 64 MB 64 MB (Currently -- more later)
Memory Models zero-based flat zero-based flat zero-based flat zero-based flat
.EXE format LE or LX LE or LX LE or LX LE or LX; BW, NE, or
mixed with handholding
DLLs No No No Yes
TSR's No No No Yes
Virtual Memory available available faster fastest
Demand Loading No No Yes Yes
Footprint (low) 29K-54K or more 29K-54K or more 29K-54K or more 29K-54K or more
Footprint (ext.) 314K and up 314K and up 276K and up 284K and up
Disk Overhead 259K 259K 154K + VM (58K) 164K + VM (58K)
Configurability low low low high
Load Multiple Programs
on a Single Extender
No No No Yes
C API No No No Yes
Interrupt Control limited limited limited full API
Translatable Error Messages No No No Yes
DPMI Coverage limited 0.9 limited 0.9 limited 0.9;
INT 31h, 301h-304h
most 0.9, some 1.0
Documentation WATCOM complete manual complete manual 2-manual set
Bound Extender No No Yes Optional

Tenberry Software has created three levels of DOS extender for Watcom users: DOS/4GW, DOS/4GW Professional, and DOS/4G for Watcom.


DOS/4GW v.1.97 is the 32-bit DOS extender bundled free with the purchase of Watcom C/C++ or Watcom Fortran. The manual for DOS/4GW, and an update to v.2.01, are available from Tenberry Software. Order Online.

DOS/4GW Professional

DOS/4GW Professional provides all the power of DOS/4GW, plus:

DOS/4GW Professional is fully compatible with programs written for DOS/4GW 1.9 and up. The only functional difference is that the extender is bound to your program instead of residing in a separate file. Not only does this help reduce startup time, but it eliminates version-control problems when someone has both DOS/4GW and DOS/4GW Professional applications present on one machine.

Price of $299 includes 10 run-time (distribution) copies. Order Online.

DOS/4G for Watcom

DOS/4G is Tenberry's top-of-the-line 32-bit extender. DOS/4G for Watcom offers all the features of DOS/4GW and DOS/4GW Professional, plus:

Special Watcom-only price is $999 and includes the special Development Kit plus 100 run-time licenses, 2 manual set, 30 day support, and optional support and enhancement services. Contact <>

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