1. Introduction

Thank you for considering InstantC, the enhanced C development and debugging environment that helps you:

InstantC is a strongly integrated programming environment that includes an incremental compiler and linker, unique "immediate mode" execution, syntax and run-time error-checkers, an editor, and a full suite of analysis and debugging tools, all presented in an easy-to-use Windows interface that emphasizes intelligent, adaptive support and transparency.

InstantC is designed to be used with your existing optimizing compiler. When your application is complete and tested, you save the final source to disk and use the optimizing compiler to make the code run faster.

You can use InstantC both for maintaining and enhancing existing code and for creating new, complete applications from scratch. As you work on your program, InstantC supports you by:

InstantC supports very large programs (up to 1,000,000 lines of code), object code libraries (including DLLs), and inline assembly. No matter what kind of program you work on, InstantC will help you develop it faster and make your code clean, standard, and portable.

Adding InstantC to your toolset gives you a fundamentally new way to develop C programs. The InstantC environment offers intelligent support you've never had before. You get much more data about your program; you trap errors earlier and fix them faster; your concentration is unbroken because you don't have tool-switching or compilation delays; you can experiment and test more easily. Our customers report that they are as much as 70% more productive when they use Instant-C.

Understanding how the different parts of InstantC work, and work together, helps you to understand the power of this innovative environment. It is designed to accomodate you -- often providing more than one way to accomplish the same task -- and to support you with easy tool access and complete program information. You will also find that you can adapt the environment and its support to your needs.

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