2. A Strongly Integrated Environment

Two main visible components dominate your view of InstantC: the main frame window (the window you see when you first start the program, titled "InstantC") and the editor frame window (titled "InstantC Editor"). The main frame window, along with the command window in its client area, is always present. Other components and windows -- for editing, debugging, analysis, and environment control -- appear (often automatically) as needed, while still other components, like the source formatter, the compiler, and the linker, work invisibly.

Many of these components correspond to tools in traditional programming environments. However, they are much more strongly integrated with each other -- and with your code -- than traditional tools:

InstantC's strong integration has two consequences:

Here are some examples of the value of InstantC's strong integration:

The InstantC integrated environment allows you to move quickly and easily between tools, without wasting time or breaking concentration. It also makes sure you get the program information you need, when you need it.

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