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"Typically, someone will have a problem that's totally intractable with Microsoft C and Codeview. After banging his head against a wall for a week, he'll ask me if I think InstantC can do anything. We'll load the code, and in the process InstantC will stop on a pointer problem. It stuns people."
---- Peter Haas, Technical Lead

You will still use your optimizing compiler to produce your final optimized executable. You will use InstantC while your program is under development, while you are:

  • Reviewing your existing code
  • Writing new source code
  • Modifying existing code
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • Trying alternatives
  • Integration testing
This corresponds to when you currently use the "debug mode" of your optimizing compiler. InstantC was designed from the ground up to work together with your optimizing compiler, never to replace it.

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