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"My group used InstantC, finished our part of the project on time, and had only seven bugs in integration. The other groups (using only conventional tools) were late, and had hundreds of bugs."
---- Stuart Zakon,
Project Manager

While your code is executing, InstantC continuously and automatically checks for the most common C execution errors: null pointers, uninitialized pointers, array bounds errors, invalid addresses, etc. This run-time checking catches many errors that might otherwise make it into your finished program.

Whenever you compile any code, InstantC automatically checks for consistency with every other source module. This Lint-like intermodule checking turns many obscure bugs into ordinary syntax errors.

Error notification is immediate, detailed, and totally integrated with the editor and debugger to simplify your examination and correction.

InstantC's immediate execution allows you to enter any C expression and instantly see the resulting behavior -- much like you can with an interpreter. Testing a function becomes as easy as typing a call to it! This easy testing encourages additional, more thorough, and more rigorous testing. More importantly, the testing happens while the code is being developed, making it faster and easier for the programmer to fix any problems found.

Immediate execution also lets you easily try alternative implementations, so you can choose the best algorithms for your programs.

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