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  1. Introduction to InstantC
  2. A Strongly Integrated Environment
  3. A Transparent, Flexible Interface
    • InstantC Command Central
      • Immediate C Expression Evaluation
    • An Adaptive, Powerful Editor
    • On-Line Help for Quick Mastery
  4. Efficient, Time-Saving Incremental Compilation
    • Background Compilation Increases Interactivity
    • Automatic Recompilation Keeps Code Current
    • Clearly Formatted Code, Automatically
  5. Unparalled Error Checking
    • Thorough Intermodule Syntax Checking
    • Automatic Run-Time Checking
    • Accurate Error Diagnosis
  6. Integrated Debugging Environment
    • Multiple Debugging Windows
    • Fine-Grained Execution Control
    • Flexible Code and Data Viewing
    • Strong Integration With Other Components
  7. Powerful Code Analysis
    • True Browsing of Files and Source Elements
    • Flexible Cross-Referencing
  8. Other Instant-C Advantages
    • Compatibility
      • Standard C
      • Microsoft C
      • Microsoft Windows
    • Configurability
      • Customizable Editor Key Bindings
      • Medium and Large Memory Model Support
      • Flexible Checking Options
      • Create Project-Specific Versions
    • Flexible Work Flow
    • Large Workspace

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