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Tenberry Methods Deliver Defect-Free Software!

At Tenberry Software, we develop and maintain reliable, high performance software that runs in every environment. Tenberry technology is run on millions of PCs every day. Many commercial PC products run on our technology across DOS and all Windows variants. Thousands of business products and almost all games, built by over ten thousand customers, utilize our technology for memory access & management, execution controls, and cross-operating systems support.

Over the years we have developed a reputation for excellent technical support for our products. Our customers praise us for being good at fixing our bugs (and helping them solve their problems.) However, we found that we were spending most of our time doing support, rather than creating new programs. Several years ago, it occurred to us that it would be better to become good at producing software that didn't need so much support.

We set out to reduce the errors in our own coding, and made an amazing discovery -- software with effectively no errors or bugs at all can be produced in roughly the same time it used to take us to write all that software we got to be so good at supporting!

The process is so effective that we now use it on all software that we develop, including custom implementation projects for other companies. We are so confident in our "Delivering Defect-Free Software" development processes that we now guarantee the software we write to be free of defects, bugs, and errors.

But no one can produce defect-free software! It's impossible!

Technically, you're right. It probably is impossible to create completely defect-free software. It's almost certainly computationally impossible to prove that any significant software is correct and defect-free. It also seems to be the industry's current practice to ship software with lots of defects (over 6,000 reported problems in a recent version of a popular word processor!)

So how can you guarantee defect-free software?

We're not guaranteeing absolutely defect-free software. What we are producing is software with a much, much, much lower defect rate than is typical. This software is also much easier to fix than is typical. Since defect rates are hard to define and harder still to quantify, what we do guarantee is that our customers will never have to pay to fix a defect in software we write.

We are so confident in our tools, processes and people, that we are willing to give a lifetime guarantee for our work -- if you ever find a bug in software we develop using these tools, processes and people, we'll fix it free -- forever!

So how can you afford to fix defects forever?

Short answer: there won't be many, if any, defects to fix!

Long answer: we have created development processes, QA processes and tools that significantly enhance the quality of software. Together with top-notch engineers and our defect-free goal, we are producing software with defect rates more than 100 times lower than our previous development methods. And we continue to work on reducing our defect rates even further.

Can we use these techniques ourselves?

Yes, you can. We are happy to work with clients to adapt the processes we use to their situation and to deliver the tools we use. These tools and processes will definitely improve your software development quality. It will most likely improve the timeliness and reduce your costs. But there is a catch.

So what's the catch?

The catch is that it isn't easy. To reach our quality levels, you must believe that defect-free software is possible, you must have the same commitment to defect-free software that we have, your engineers have to commit to producing defect-free software. It is our experience that not all programmers are willing to commit. If you don't have all of these commitments, you won't see as much improvement as we do, although you definitely will see improvement.

Another point is that it takes time -- in our experience, it takes quite some time before all of the skills and processes are completely absorbed. Again, you should see steady improvement as the skills and techniques come on-line.

Delivering Defect-Free Software sounds good -- how can we proceed?

To discuss Tenberry's Defect-Free implementation of your projects or to start your own process towards Delivering Defect-Free Software, contact our sales department at the address below. You'll be glad you did!

Tenberry Software, Inc.
P.O.Box 20050, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-0050, USA
1.480.767.8709 fax
1.480.767.8868 phone

For more information on Tenberry's Automated QA and other products and services, contact our sales department.

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