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Software-Quality Mailing List

software-quality@tenberry.com is a moderated email list intended for programmers, QA engineers, software engineers and their managers, who are interested in producing and delivering very high quality software systems.

Our goal is to learn how to deliver software with dramatically lower defect rates, without increasing either development times or costs.

Our goal is to consistently deliver extremely reliable software, on-time and on-budget. We are particularly interested in practical techniques, methods and tools that can be incrementally added to existing tools, techniques and methods used by software development and QA organizations

Since we are in the start-up phase, the list's average traffic is hard to predict -- it will depend upon the number of contributors, obviously. We will make at least one digested distribution per week, or whenever we have accumulated 1,000 lines of postings. We will not send more than one digest email per day. Each email we send will contain the digested and moderated text of the previous day(s)' postings.

The moderation policy is simple: please be courteous, and on topic. Messages containing advertisements will be allowed, separated into a separate section of the digest.

How to Use this List:

To subscribe, send any message to

To unsubscribe, send any message to

To contact the moderator directly, email

To post to the list, send your message to

We have common files and Back Issues on-line for you.

For more information on Tenberry's Automated Quality Control and other products and services, contact our sales department.

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